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Hi-Teach is a highly qualified evangelist education company. It is considered a leader in STEAM education providing Courses, Teacher training, Program development and school operations for over 20 years. The company provides leading courses based on cutting edge technologies developed and conducted in collaboration with advanced engineering companies that cover all aspects of  life, science and technology including such giants as Philips, Applied Materials, Elbit, Teva, Microsoft, Intel, Dorad Energy (Power company), Bazan Refineries or the water industry in israel. Hi-Teach has teamed up with close to one hundred (100) companies, government organs and agencies, universities, collages and research centers around the country and large NGOs such as the Rotary. In its 20 years of operations since 2,000 Hi-Teach has educated and taught more then 20,000 students in over 400 schools. Hi-Teach has run numerous teacher training courses for Israeli and foreign teachers alike acting as a science teacher training agency for the ministry of education and the ministry of foreign affairs. Hi-Teach has traditionally been is a pioneering STEAM content development company with vast experience in PBL, Research Learning, model building, leadership and multi-disciplinary learning.  Hi-Teach was awarded several prizes and recognitions including the lucrative 2016 Note Worthy Project Recognition of The Rotary Fund (TRF) centennial year, (TRF is one of the world largest philanthropy funds).


Hi-Teach has been working with the Rotary and the TRF for close to 10 years, developing and conducting of the Hands Across Water program which the company initiated as Youth Water & Knowledge in 2006 jointly with the Israel Water Authority and Israel Desalination Engineering Ltd. (IDE) and the city of Ashkelon. Hi-Teach overall growing business volume averaged over one million Israeli Shekels annually (approximately $300K), including several major TRF Global Grant of over $150K each


The company runs an e-learning Moodle web site ( hosting the content and managing the web-based teacher and student coaching and accompanied by Zoom based Webinar recorded and live classes and project meeting room. The key idea behind the Hi-Teach programs is to enable and empower teachers to run modern STEAM courses by themselves, keeping the Hi-Teach team very efficient "lean and mean" while allowing teachers and schools to develop evolve and prepare for the era of exponential knowledge growth.


The company demonstrated its ability to grow and evolve from a young conceptual start up to a viable effective and recognized education evangelist company keeping its operation scalable by effective teachers guidance and on the job training and support, adopting its programs and content to the varied needs of teachers and schools.

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Dr. Amnon Shefi


Dr. Amnon Shefi, is Hi-Teach founder & CEO, an engineer, executive and education evangelist.  Amnon holds an Electrical Engineering B.Sc. (Technion, Israel 1971). He studied Signal Processing in Brooklyn Polytech New-York in the 70’s and earned a Ph.D. at the Naval Post Graduate School, Monterey CA in 1987. Amnon is the creator of numerous education program including the Rotary Hands Across Water (RHAW) program practiced around the world. As a hi-tech engineer and executive, Amnon developed and led many innovative breakthrough developments in the underwater sonar and ultrasound worlds, medical imaging and communications. Amnon has been active in education for over 20 years, following retirement as a Captain, from the 22 year service in the Israeli Navy in 1991, and 10 years as a hi-tech CTO and CEO of publicly owned medical and communication companies (Nasdaq).


Adam Leb

Holds a Technion B.Sc. and M.Sc. (2019) water engineering is an experienced researcher as well as an educator and youth leader. Adam is highly knowledgeable of Seawater desalination, Energy and environmental systems, and has held a few water treatment and supply systems position including with Mekorot, the Israeli national water utility. Adam speaks fluent Arabic in addition to his command of Hebrew and English which enables his lead role with Arab schools and cross-cultural collaboration in the Galilee where he lives (Carmiel). Adam also plays and teaches music including the exotic Ud (A mandolin like instrument popular in the middle east). Adam’s students in Carmiel Ort high school were awarded 2nd place in the national high school chemistry competition 2020.


Dvir Aharon


Dvir Aharon is a science teacher in Ashkelon, recently completed his Engineering B.Sc. (EE). Dvir coaches the schools working with Hi-Teach part time, while also teaching physics in Ashkelon. Dvir is a distant learning expert, a recognized leader in the use of modern distant learning techniques such as Zoom, 3D AutoCad design and 3D Printing, Maker Labs and Simulations and Scratch.  Dvir also serves as Hi-Teach Chief Technological Officer Dvir lives with his spouse and daughter in Ashkelon.


Reuven Ben- Asuli

Reuven Ben-Asuli, an experienced physics teacher with an M.Sc. in Physics education from the Weizmann institute (2018), and a Mechanical Engineering B.Sc. Reuven is an experienced teacher at the Begin High School (PO the Darcha high school network) in Gedera where he teaches following a career as a quality engineer in the IDF and the Intel foundry in Kiryat-Gat. Reuven joined Hi-Teach as a RHAW and Young energy program coach, following five years of successful participation as a schoolteacher.


Lital Alkalai

Lital Alkalai is Hi-Teach administrative assistant whose role is to keep the books balanced and the schedule in place. Lital is a fashion designer by profession (BFD, Shenkar college, 2005) who founded and run her own fashion line Isedora Ann. She resides with her husband and daughter in Tel-Aviv.


Batool Salman

Batool Salman is an exceling science teacher working and coaching in the Jerusalem area. Batool has an M.Sc. in water and environmental from the Palestinian University of Bir-Ziet in Ramalla. Batool speaks fluent Hebrew, Arabic and English and she coaches both Arab and Jewish schools in the Jerusalem area, Batool also coaches in the Green Network (A cross country environment education network). Batool lives in Beit-Zafafa, Jerusalem, with her husband and four daughters, and now prepares for her studies for a Ph.D. in environmental education


Ady Lak

Ady Lak is our hands-on project engineering support expert. Ady, an ex-submariner holds a practical engineer degree and is a qualified science teacher. He is very experienced in projects design, implementation and experimentation and his help is crucial to the success of many of our STEAM projects. Adi lives in Petach-Tikva, heads the laboratory at the Shoham high-school and additionally to his support role he promotes Marin and Oceanography education.

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Lital Vadvaker

Chief  coach

Lital is a Water Engineer holding a B.Sc. 2016 from the Kineret collage water engineering school. Experienced in wastewater treatment, Agriculture and soil research  and urban water systems design Lital also practiced teaching and training practical water engineers. Lital joined Hi-Teach in2021 aiming to apply her experience to the education of the younger generation. She now acts as chief coach and Int’l operation coordinator.


Dr. Amir Barnea

Dr. Amir Barnea is a qualified and experienced teacher of teachers from with Ph.D. Hebrew University Agriculture & Food faculty Rehovot (1993), where he also earned his B.Sc. and M.Sc. Amir shares his time with Hi-Teach and Ministry of Education at Beit-Yatziv teacher training institute where he coaches science teachers. Amir lives in Beer-Sheva and handles the schools in the southern part of the Negev.


Karam Nuriel

Karam Nuriel is an established Education Agroecolog

Karam holds a B.A. in Education, Physics, Agronomy, and M.A in Environmental studies from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem


Karam specializes in education of elementary and high school students. Leading environmental education initiatives. 
His vision is to connect the young generation to nature

and promote their knowledge and care

for the environment


Tom Shefi, M.Sc, MD

Tom Shefi A long-time Hi-Teach coach and content editor holds a Technion B.Sc. (Molecular Biology) and M.Sc. (Neurosciences) and a medical doctorate from Tel- Aviv University. Tom serves as company architect and content authoring. He oversees content and the Moodle e-learning system management. Tom lives in Tel-Aviv and brings the unique experience of studying as a student with Hi-Teach during his high school years in Hadassim.

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